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Skillet is an iOS App for managing the processes that make your business run smoothly. Using Skillet you can communicate to your team how you need certain tasks to be completed. Skillet facilitates staff training by providing a logical and easy-to-use progress tracker assigned to each task for each member of staff.

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Skillet tasks can be grouped together into ‘cards’ to represent all the skills or techniques required to perform a certain function, such as food preparation or stock control. Entire cards or selected tasks can be assigned to certain people depending on their roles and responsibilities within the business. Managers can easily track their team’s development, identify training needs and view at a glance who can do what - making rostering a doddle.

Task library

Create engaging task descriptions using a rich-text editor and build a bespoke collection of cards for your business

Track progress

Build training plans and track your team’s progress remotely

Adapt and amend

Changed a process? Get a new piece of kit? No problem. Tasks can be updated and team members notified to revisit their training

Save time and share

Why reinvent the wheel? Save time and download universal training tasks such as food hygiene, first aid and fire safety.


What are people saying about Skillet?

We've found Skillet to be an indispensable part of our staff training and daily operations. The ability to add and amend recipes and processes universally then monitor individual training progress ensures that we can constantly innovate and evolve with the confidence that our team is always up to speed. We also find it is a vital tool for training new starts and upskilling our current team members during quieter periods, giving us greater strength and resilience as an organisation.

Daniel O'Sullivan

Owner of Kimchi Cult
Danny O'Sullivan
Skillet in use

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Great for getting started. Try Skillet out for free:

  • 3 users
  • 3 cards
  • 8 tasks per card

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Perfect for small and medium sized businesses:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited cards
  • Unlimited tasks per card

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Custom Pricing

Do you have a large or more complex business? Talk to us about multi-location, shared guides, centralized card management, and more.

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